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The section "Lingua Francas" provides information on a fast growing field of research - the one into communication across speakers of different mother tongues or first languages, who interact in a language different from their mother tongues. For example, a Turk and a Japanese communicating in English, or a Kikuyu and a Luo interacting in Kiswahili.

Many languages fuction as local, regional or international lingua francas. However, English has over the last decades become associated with the phrase "global lingua franca". As such, it assumes many different forms. "WE Gate", the World Englishes Gateway, offers an entry to the study of these diverse Englishes.

There has been considerable debate on whether English as a lingua franca is a neutral code, deprived of its cultural expressiveness. "African Identities" looks at contexts on the African continent in which English functions as an intranational lingua franca. The section describes how culture and identity are reflected in recent developments in African forms of English.

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