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Welcome to the World Englishes Gateway

World Englishes is a framework which studies the forms and functions as well as the sociolinguistic and political contexts of English in the diverse forms it assumes throughout the world. Since the conceptualisation of World Englishes in the 1960s, a vast number of publications and websites have become available for the study of the world-wide varieties of English. Many of these provide excellent information and high quality sound files. WE Gate provides a portal that aims at preventing students from getting lost in cyberspace, and that offers suggestions and exercises for suitable sites.

WE Gate is intended to provide additional input in this area of study, particularly at the BA level. To foster students' autonomous study, in particular of real language data, WE Gate presents reviews of existing websites, but also of books, scientific papers, cassettes, videos and CD-ROMs. In addition, material developed in a research project on Englishes on the African continent will be made available. And for those students whose interest is in cultural studies, there are literature and film tips.

WE Gate is a largely student driven project in that the majority of reviews and exercises is provided by advanced students of applied English linguistics, who compile these reviews as part of their course requirements. Thus, WE Gate will grow gradually into a long term project from students for students.

Please use the links in the top and left frame to navigate the site. The Introduction provides you with tips for general readings and websites which cover the World Englishes broadly. The other links in the top frame take you to those countries where English plays an important role on the five continents.

This site is currently under re-development. Please come back soon to visit those links which are not yet active.




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