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Black and Coloured South African English in Contact

is the strand of research which evolved out of the project "Linguistic reflections of re-contextualised identities in global and local lingua-franca-discourse". Between 2004 and 2007, this project received funding from the Volkswagen Foundation and was carried out at the Universities of Erfurt, the University of Münster, The University of the Western Cape, the Unversity of Cape Town, and the University of the North West at Potchefstroom, South Africa.

The rationale behind the project which aimed at describing the processes which can currently be observed when South Africans of different mother tongues communicate using English as a lingua franca is explained in the "Project" section. And if you go to "Publications", you will find a list of papers which describe the results of our data analyses.

The data base is now successively made available to bona-fide researchers.

Corpus Cover

The "Corpus" link above takes you directly to the downloads. To open the files, you will need passwords. How you can obtain these is explained at the "License" link.

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